Jets Need Joe Douglas More Than Ever as 2019 Draft Swiftly Becoming Another Disaster

New York Jets GM Joe Douglas
New York Jets GM Joe Douglas / Michael Hickey/Getty Images

Adam Gase's 2019 New York Jets might have been the worst 7-9 team in the history of the league, given how putrid of an offensive product they were. As things seemingly often go, the organization got Gase's 2020 campaign started off on the wrong foot, as one of his best players was arrested for bringing a gun to an airport.

Defensive tackle Quinnen Williams, believed by some to be the top player in the 2019 NFL Draft, was arrested at LaGuardia Airport for possession of a weapon. He had a permit for the weapon in Alabama, but not in New York. It's as yet unclear whether the gun was loaded, which will go a long way in determining Williams' legal future.

New GM Joe Douglas handles the draft this season for the first time, and only he can save them from this mess Mike Maccagnan created in his final draft, which is swiftly becoming another botch job.

Williams was a key member of the league's No. 1 run defense, but he disappointed a bit as a pass rusher. His potential is still sky high, but he needs to improve in 2020.

Pass rusher Jachai Polite was an all-time failure who was cut before the season started, despite his status as a third-round pick, due to tardiness, a poor attitude, and subpar play. Chuma Edoga got some starts at left and right tackle, but he allowed four sacks in one game, so he was a disappointment.

Tight end Trevon Wesco barely saw the field, linebacker Blake Cashman played well, but was injured after just seven games, and cornerback Blessuan Austin had a few standout games, but was benched near the end of the season.

Except for the Darnold trade and the selection of Jamal Adams, Maccagnan's tenure as GM looks worse by the day.

Now that the Jets are once again in the middle of an organizational crisis, we'll see just how good of a drafter and negotiator Douglas is. For Darnold's sake, this guy better know his stuff.