VIDEO: JJ Watt Mocks Rudy and 'The Bachelor' and Honors Kobe Bryant in SNL Hosting Gig

Texans DE JJ Watt hosted SNL this weekend and honored the late Kobe Bryant
Texans DE JJ Watt hosted SNL this weekend and honored the late Kobe Bryant /

JJ Watt's Houston Texans failed to advance past the Divisional Round, but that didn't prevent the pass rushing superstar from finding his way into the spotlight on Super Bowl weekend. The Wisconsin product hosted Saturday Night Live this weekend, and, as expected, he had the crowd hysterical (in a good way) from the very beginning of his evening. For the sake of time, we'll only share the highlights, which start with a parody of the iconic film "Rudy," called "Robbie." Watt, sporting a Notre Dame jersey, objected his coach's appeal for Robbie to start in a playoff game with a profanity-stained rant.

Watt was clearly the only one in the Fighting Irish locker room with any sense. Robbie didn't deserve to be anywhere near the gridiron on gameday.

Up next, we saw the five-time All-Pro poke fun at hit melodrama, "The Bachelor," because why not, right? Watt introduced the world to "The Pilot Hunk," and the trailer suggests that it will be more entertaining than ABC's reality television show.

We won't dive into the sheer cringe behind "The Bachelor," simply because Watt hit the nail right on the head.

The three-time Defensive Player of the Year wrapped things up by paying homage to the late Kobe Bryant. Watt donned the Black Mamba's No.24 Lakers jersey and proceeded to crumble up a piece of paper and shoot it in the direction of the cameras as the credits began to roll.

What a modest yet elegant gesture from the former first-round pick. All Kobe fans know the meaning behind Watt's final act.

Given how swimmingly Watt's debut as SNL host went, we'd be stunned if he isn't invited to run it back sometime in the future.