Jets Head Coach Adam Gase Reportedly a Major Factor in Jamal Adams Wanting a Trade

Adam Gase, Jamal Adams
Adam Gase is reportedly driving away Jamal Adams | Mark Brown/Getty Images

New York Jets safety Jamal Adams' trade request seemed a little unusual for a fourth-year player with two more years left on his deal, but the latest buzz could confirm the idea that his departure is motivated by more than money.

According to Manish Mehta of the New York Daily News, Adams has been a bit unsure about committing to the Jets long-term due to Adam Gase's status as head coach.

Not only does Gase have a history of driving away star players, but several quality players in this league, including Ryan Tannehill, DeVante Parker and Kenyan Drake, had career-best seasons as soon as they were freed from Gase's clutches.

While Adams flourished in his first season under new defensive coordinator Gregg Williams, he is wise to be concerned about the long-term direction and health of this franchise given Gase's omnipotent presence and startlingly unchecked power in the organization despite a below .500 record as a coach.

Then again, this is the Gase way, isn't it? Get to a new team, alienate all the best players, get them traded or cut, blame the lack of talent for the inevitable failure, earn another year on the job. A bizarre business model, but it keeps working.

When the Jets start to become one of the most porous pass defenses in the league, Gase is assuredly going to complain behind the scenes about the lack of talent on that defense despite the fact he had a homegrown superstar in Adams traded away.