Latest Jets Coaching Reassignment Proves Adam Gase is the Problem in New York

Adam Gase
Jets HC Adam Gase | Bryan Bennett/Getty Images

Adam Gase has had a turbulent start to his tenure as the Jets head coach. He looked clueless during his introductory interview, he refused to use his most talented offensive skill player in Le’Veon Bell, had a rough 7-9 season and is now making some questionable decisions when it comes to player and coaching personnel.

If you thought the Jamal Adams saga would be the only thing that Gang Green would be in the news for during the NFL offseason, then you were definitely mistaken. NY decided to announce the reassignment of longtime head athletic trainer John Mellody. Knowing what we know about the Jets organization, Gase probably had something to do with this as well.

This is just a microcosm of everything that has gone down in New York over the last calendar year. Gase always somehow avoids the dumpster fire that is coming down around him and he comes out unscathed. Due to some tension between Gase and Mellody, Gase automatically wins out over the head athletic trainer who has been with the team for 20 years.

If this keeps up and Gase continues to alienate everyone around him within the organization, then it will leak out to the guys that matter the most.

Gase has continuously made questionable decisions since coming on with the Jets. The front office personnel have constantly been in flux, and New York refuses to pay players that were actually productive for them. If this keeps up, the Jets will have no other option than to move on from Gase.