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Legendary New Jersey Columnist Jerry Izenberg is Missing a Super Bowl for the First Time Ever

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New Jersey columnist Jerry Izenberg will miss his first ever Super Bowl next Sunday. | Mark Brown/Getty Images

Jerry Izenberg has been providing Super Bowl coverage for The Star-Ledger newspaper in New Jersey since the event got its start way back in 1967.

Unfortunately, the legendary sports columnist will be missing a the big game for the very first time this year.

Izenberg has not passed away, mind you -- he just made it clear that at 89 years old it is easier for him to watch from home.

Attending all 53 Super Bowls that have ever taken place is an amazing feat, and Izenberg got to do it as part of his job. That is quite a life to live, and his writing has not slipped even one bit over the course of his career.

This is likely a melancholic moment for Izenberg, but also the perfect time for readers and colleagues to share their respect and admiration for the longtime scribe. Multiple generations of sports fans in New Jersey and beyond have read his work, and for many, there is no such thing as Super Bowl coverage without this man's poignant, precise participation.

Hopefully, he can relax and enjoy this game from the comfort of his home with zero regrets. He has certainly earned a Super Bowl off.