VIDEO: Jeopardy! Contestant Completely Botches Hockey Question With NBA Answer

A question about the NHL on Jeopardy!
A question about the NHL on Jeopardy! / @RTNBA

The contestants on America's favorite quiz show, Jeopardy!, have a wealth of knowledge about a variety of subjects. But often, their trivia knowledge seems to stop on the front stoop of the sports world. One contestant in particular had a pretty hilarious gaffe in this classic clip, seemingly forgetting that an assist was a statistic in both hockey and basketball, resulting in a wildly inaccurate answer.

A commendable guess. If you see a trivia question about an NBA player racking up all-time assists, it's safe to assume the answer is either Magic Johnson or John Stockton. Unfortunately, this question was focused on the NHL, something Joe probably wishes he caught on to.

The correct answer, of course, was NHL legend Wayne Gretzky, and even Alex Trebek was't able to stifle his quick "Oh no!" of a reaction to the contestant's guess.

Trebek is a huge sports fan, and many of the questions on the topic are near and dear to his heart. In fact, he once created an entire category about NFL referee signals all by himself.

Sports questions often end in disaster for the contestants on Jeopardy!, and frequently make for some hilarious Trebek reactions.