JD Martinez Has Perfect Quote on What MLB Restart Could Mean to America

J.D. Martinez
Boston Red Sox star J.D. Martinez thinks the return of baseball is great for America. | Billie Weiss/Boston Red Sox/Getty Images

The 2020 MLB season being put on hold was a bizarre reality for players and fans alike. Now there is at least a timetable in place for a return as teams are training again at their home ballparks.

There are still logistics to be worked out and we will see if more players opt out of playing. However, a majority are set to play and that includes Boston Red Sox star J.D. Martinez. The slugger recently offered up a perfect quote on how the return of baseball will have a positive effect on the country.

It is hard to disagree with Martinez. Sports are a major part of our society and they provide hope and positivity to individuals all over America. They also offer an escape from the world around us and having baseball back on television will give people something to look forward to in such tough times.

Yet it is still important to note the inherent risks of playing during an ongoing pandemic. Having baseball back would provide a boost to many Americans and fans of the game. However, the return must be safe for all involved if it is to be enjoyed.