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VIDEO: Giants Prospect Jacob Heyward Ejected for Arguing Strike Call by Robot Umpire

Giants propsect Jacob Heyward ejected for arguing strike with robot umpire.

With the constant errors made by umpires throughout Major League Baseball this season, many have clamored for robot umpires in increasing numbers. The trial period is ongoing in the minor leagues, but we've only got similar results so far. During an Arizona Fall League game on Tuesday, San Francisco Giants prospect Jacob Heyward -- yes, he's Cubs outfielder Jason Heyward's brother -- was called out on strikes based on the automated ball-strikes system (ABS). Jacob didn't agree with the call by the robot umpire and was subsequently ejected.

Heyward was called out on a curveball which dropped down to his ankles. Yet, the ABS showed that the ball crossed the plate just above his knee at the inside corner of the strike zone, as evidenced by the photo in the above Instagram post.

The Giants prospect is understood to be the first player to be ejected following a robot ump's ruling. Back in July, Frank Viola, the pitching coach for the High Point Rockers of the Atlantic League, was ejected for arguing a strike three call.

It just goes to show no matter if the umpire is human or cyborg or anything in between, players are still going to argue strikes and balls. It's a tale as old as the game itself.