Houston Rockets All-Star James Harden is one of the biggest superstars in the NBA. From his iconic beard to his outstanding offensive arsenal, Harden has made quite the name for himself over the years.

He's also been labeled as one of the biggest floppers and travelers in the league by numerous fans and pundits. Aside from eagerly absorbing contact nearly every time he attacks the basket, Harden has also benefited from a friendly whistle, or lack thereof, when it comes to his ball handling, as he's obviously traveled en route to the bucket or a step back jump shot several times. But this season, it sounds like Harden is going to work on his footwork a bit with a new move he plans to unveil in 2019.

During a Q&A with young kids at a local promotional event in Houston, Harden stated he'll continue to innovate with his moves until refs start calling him out for it. He was also able to shed some light on the new move he's going to bring into 2019 stating, "You got to find ways to create an advantage every single year. And that's what I'm doing. It's not a travel. This year, I'm going to come up with something more creative, and it's gonna look like a travel but it's not."

It's hard to tell whether Harden is just messing with these kids or being completely serious here, but it's still great to see him interacting with the next generation of NBA fans like this.

We'll have to see exactly what this move will be for Harden, if he's actually being serious about it. But as we've seen before, The Beard can get away with almost anything on the court, so there's no reason he won't be able to do it again with his new move next season.