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VIDEO: Little Kid Calls Out James Harden for His 'Traveling' Stepback

Part of what has molded Houston Rockets guard James Harden into a superstar was the development of his trademark stepback jumper. The signature move has resulted in a ton of controversy, as some believe it should be a traveling violation. Among those who subscribe to this notion is this young fan, who was able to ask Harden directly why he blatantly travels on every other possession.

When he was finally asked point black about hit, Harden deflected the question, saying it wasn't traveling because it was never called as such.

During a small sit-down interview portion of the day, the kid caught Harden off guard with his hilarious question. And he didn't hold back, claiming that "everyone sees" that the move is a travel.

While he applaud this young fan for his journalistic drive and fearlessness in the face of Harden, expect to see The Beard break out his borderline legal go-to move next year, unless the refs finally wise up and call it traveling.