Jalen Rose Steps up and Offers to Run for Office to Help Save His City of Detroit

Former NBA veteran Jalen Rose offered to run for office to help save Detroit.
Former NBA veteran Jalen Rose offered to run for office to help save Detroit. /

The protests that have erupted in major cities across the United States in the wake of George Floyd's wrongful death have quickly turned violent as major business corporations have been looted and/or destroyed.

Detroit falls under this category as local authorities have made over 100 arrests within the last 24 hours stemming from the large-scale demonstrations. Current political officials are clearly finding it difficult to mitigate the violence and former NBA veteran Jalen Rose admirably stepped up on Twitter to disclose his intentions to run for office to help save his hometown if things don't improve.

This is really inspiring from Rose, who has a been a prominent voice concerning police brutality across the last several days. It's unclear if Detroit installing a curfew will deter folks from taking to the streets in destructive fashion, and the former Michigan star evidently feels this motion isn't enough.

Police chief James Craig recently disclosed that nearly 200 folks have been taken into custody over the weekend stemming from the protests. The executive order issued by mayor Mike Duggan began on Sunday and comes on the heels of a 21-year-old being shot and killed on Friday amid the riots.

Folks that have a platform like Rose, who currently serves as an analyst for ESPN, continuing to step up and speak out is needed during these terrifying times. However, the former No. 13 overall pick's intention to run for office, ceremonial or not, undoubtedly makes him stand out among the rest.