Jack Flaherty's Apparent Response to Cardinals Owner's Comments is Just Perfect

Jack Flaherty of the St. Louis Cardinals' response is perfect.
Jack Flaherty of the St. Louis Cardinals' response is perfect. /

St. Louis Cardinals pitcher Jack Flaherty is known for striking out opposing batters, but on Tuesday, he appeared to take a swing at Cardinals owner Bill DeWitt Jr. on Twitter after DeWitt made some absurd comments earlier in the day.

There has been a ton of tension between the players and MLB over the past couple of weeks as the two sides try to negotiate a plan to have a baseball season amid the coronavirus pandemic. Negotiations have been going poorly, to say the least, and on Tuesday, DeWitt clearly pushed Flaherty over the edge when he claimed that the baseball industry "isn't very profitable".

Short, sweet and savage. Flaherty is over the owners' constant excuses to cut the players' salaries, and we couldn't agree more. He's proven himself to be a rising star for the Cardinals, posting the fourth-best ERA in the National League last season and earning two National League Pitcher of the Month awards. He's worth the salary the Cardinals are paying him, and has every right to scoff at the owners' nonsense (while earning the unofficial title of Offseason Subtweet Champion).

It's funny that DeWitt is claiming that his team isn't profitable when they have a value of $2.2 billion, and don't forget about his $4 billion net worth. It sure doesn't seem like he's suffering financially in the slightest.

We think that DeWitt can handle a slight dent to his billions this season in order to pay his athletes fairly. MLB's recent offer to increase pay 10% from their earlier offers (contingent on the postseason) in exchange for 50% more games on the schedule is just as ridiculous as every previous deal they've put forward. Flaherty's subtweet was the perfect retort.

DeWitt is so out of touch with reality that he probably didn't realize Flaherty's Tweet was about him, but we're glad he's sticking up for himself and the players' association. We desperately want baseball back, but this drama is pretty entertaining too.