Insane Stat Coincidences About Clinch Should Make Yankee Fans Believe in Magic and 28th Title

NEW YORK, NEW YORK - SEPTEMBER 19:  Masahiro Tanaka #19 of the New York Yankees is doused with champagne by teammate Cameron Maybin #38 after the New York Yankees clinched the American League East division title at Yankee Stadium on September 19, 2019 in Bronx borough of New York City. (Photo by Elsa/Getty Images)
Los Angeles Angels v New York Yankees | Elsa/Getty Images

Do you ever feel like certain seasons are just...sprinkled with fairy dust?

It's unquantifiable, and you want to convince yourself to stay grounded, but the 2019 Yankees are undeniably following in the 2018 Red Sox path, at this moment, of being both extremely talented and extremely blessed. Though they've been beset by a string of injuries unlike any the league has ever seen, there's always been a "next man up" in place, time and again, to carry the load. That's special.

So, it shouldn't shock you that it appears the heavens above were smiling on the team Thursday night, as they clinched their first AL East title since 2012. Just check out these remarkable numbers.

As you know, 28 is a rather special number around these parts. As much as Yankee fans enjoy shouting, "27 rings!" they've been desperate to up that number by one for a decade now.

After all, they want their obnoxious shouts to increase in impressiveness year over year.

We don't know what combination of ghosts, spirits, and Steinbrenners concocted this remarkable confluence of 9s and 19s, but we do know it means something.

At least, we'll mentally carry that for a few weeks.