Indians Officially Sign Draft Pick Logan Allen and the Other Logan Allen's Got a Problem Now

Cleveland Indians left-hander Logan Allen
Cleveland Indians left-hander Logan Allen / David Maxwell/Getty Images

On Saturday, the Cleveland Indians confirmed that three of their 2020 draft picks agreed to terms on contracts. The trio included FIU hurler Logan Allen, who was selected No. 56 overall, and his deal officially gives the club two pitchers with the same name.

Of course, the Indians acquired the OG left-hander Logan Allen in a trade with the San Diego Padres last summer, so he had better watch his back now.

What's all the more uncanny is the fact that both players are southpaws. Honestly, what are the chances? Imagine the confusion that manager Terry Francona would face if the two pitchers are ever on Cleveland's MLB roster at the same time.

Just think of the potential ruses the 61-year-old skipper could pull off under the noses of umpires and opposing teams.

Based on his reaction, the established Allen was clearly holding out hope that Cleveland wouldn't end up signing the former Golden Panther. Hopefully, the two pitchers can overcome their similarities and develop a solid friendship in the near future.