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Hugh Freeze Coaching Liberty From His Hospital Bed is Utterly Absurd and Should Not Be Happening

What happened to Hugh Freeze? It's fair to ask. So much. So much happened.

The disgraced Mississippi head coach is the current patriarch at Liberty University, a place where his previous indiscretions -- ahem -- would not be tolerated. And thanks to a herniated disk in his back, Freeze is coaching Saturday's game against Syracuse from a hospital bed...in the booth, a bit of chicanery that probably should not be happening and isn't really helping anyone.

"What? Coach wants me to run the 'More Morphine'? Why is he screaming that?"

In case you wanted a look from a different angle (of course you do!!), here's Freeze attempting to complete the pedantic task of mid-game interview while barely upright and trying not to slip that disc back out of place.

But what else would you expect from a man who once faked his own funeral just to hype up some people who...did not get hyped?

This charade was equally misguided.