High School Football Player With Greatest Name Ever Explains Story Behind it

Okay everyone, we would like to announce that the contest for the Greatest Name in the History of Mankind is over. Thank you to everyone for participating and congratulations to our winner: De'Coldest ToEvaDoit Crawford.

You can call Crawford's name unique, but legendary is probably a better way to describe it. The high school football player spoke to 247Sports to talk about the origin of his now-viral name.

"My mom came up with my name," Crawford said. "She named me this because she knew I would be the best athlete out of everyone in the family."

Having unshakable faith in your kids is one thing, but naming your kid "De'Coldest" because of your belief in him to be the greatest athlete in the family is peak parenting.

Crawford seems to be setting up his journey to be the coldest to ever do it well, already receiving football scholarship offers from Southern University and Southern Miss in his sophomore year of high school.

The phrase "living up to your name" has taken on a whole new meaning for this kid. Now he has to go out and prove to his mother that he is in fact the best, or the coldest, athlete in the family.