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Here's How to Fix College Football Playoff Games Being Too Long

College Football Playoff National Championship - Clemson v LSU
LSU and Clemson meeting at midfield after the National Championship Game | Jamie Schwaberow/Getty Images

LSU completed one of the most remarkable seasons in college football history on Monday night, scoring 21 unanswered points after falling down early en route to a convincing 42-25 victory.

While the game itself was compelling, it undoubtedly took too long. The NCAA has been oft-criticized for their CFB Playoff games dragging on, and the LSU-Clemson clash was no different considering it wrapped up after midnight ET.

Have no fear, college football fans. We've brainstormed a few simple tweaks that are sure to cure your grievances.

Advertisements on Jerseys

This is a no-brainer, right? How many times did the ESPN telecast go to commercial to promote a product that true football fans couldn't care less about? Fans DO NOT WANT endless breaks.

Putting advertisements on the players' jerseys is a simple fix to a problem that's only grown worse over the years. It would save time and wouldn't even be an eyesore if designed properly.

And if you really want, just cover the field with logos. They'll be present and seen throughout the evening. Isn't that worth more than a nonsense 30-second commercial?

Change to NFL Clock Rules Once Playoff Begins

The sheer number of clock stoppages in college games is maddening to begin with, and there's simply no reason for them once we reach the biggest stage. Unless the clock is within two minutes, there should be NO stoppages after a player runs out of bounds.

Then there are the stoppages after EVERY first down, with the clock not beginning to run again until the ball is set. That means drives can take fewer than two minutes given the offense having all the time in the world if the ball is being moved efficiently. Why do you think these games are always lengthy, highs-scoring affairs?

At least some folks are catching a whiff of the brewing coffee.

Start the Game on Time

You want an elaborate halftime like the Super Bowl? Fine. Then don't tell everyone the game is starting at 8 p.m. only to have it begin 30 minutes later.

Yes, we love America, but we don't need a ceremony with the President of the United States delaying game time. The National Championship has nothing to do with politics. It's football. Hit the National Anthem, show us the big American flag, and get on with it.

Soccer games take two hours and the sport rakes in billions upon billions. We've made football such an unnecessary four-hour spectacle that it's now become one giant advertised theatric. End this practice for the sake of the people, please.