Heat Rookie Tyler Herro Shoots His Shot With Instagram Model and Nails it

Tyler Herro hit on Instagram model and actually nailed it

Miami Heat guard Tyler Herro was enjoying a fine rookie campaign before a foot injury sidelined him, and then the NBA unexpectedly went into a hiatus amid the growing fears of the coronavirus pandemic.

More impressive than his numbers, however, was his surprising fearlessness to take the big shot in clutch moments. On two separate occasions this season, Herro hit a game-winning or go-ahead shot in the closing seconds.

Well, it would appear that Herro's confidence extends far beyond the hardwood. The No. 13 overall pick found himself bored without basketball and decided to shoot his shot with Instagram model Katya Elise Henry on Twitter while cooped up in MIA.

Our guess is that Herro believed that his flirting efforts would be for naught, and that's why he resorted to the simple "wyd" question.

As it turns out, Herro's tweet managed to catch Henry's eye, and she reciprocated the flirtatious vibe with a response that sent Twitter ablaze on Tuesday night.

The public conversation ended there, but perhaps it continued via DM. Surely Herro wasn't going to let this opportunity pass him by, right?

Whatever the case, this encounter confirms that the Kentucky product's shot is wildly efficient in more than one aspect.