VIDEO: Tyler Herro Breaks Grayson Allen's Ankles With Ball Fake in Kentucky-on-Duke Crime

Who knew Tyler Herro wasn't going to be just a spot-up shooter in the NBA? While the Miami Heat rookie lit up NBA preseason with his otherworldly shooting performances, he's also proven that his skills aren't limited to jump shots. In this clip, Herro makes a nice little move that sends Memphis Grizzlies guard Grayson Allen right to the floor.

That's some classic Kentucky-on-Duke crime right there, with Herro having starred for John Calipari and the Wildcats, and Allen having a notorious career under Coach K over at Duke. The rivalry truly never ends.

I'm just surprised that Allen didn't try to trip Herro at all while he was going down. Maybe the second-year guard has finally learned that it's not a good idea to hip-check and purposefully trip your fellow NBA players at the risk of becoming a target yourself.