VIDEO: Greg Hardy Used a Freaking Inhaler Between Rounds at UFC Boston and His Win Got Overturned

The strange tale of Greg Hardy is filled with twists and turns, and he's somehow managed to discover even more controversy in the unlikeliest of ways-- by whipping out his inhaler. Yes, the former NFL pass rusher-turned-UFC fighter was told by his corner that it was all right if he took a couple of puffs on an inhaler after the second round of his fight against Ben Sosoli at UFC Boston Friday night. Spoiler alert: it wasn't.

Hardy defeated Ben Sosoli via unanimous decision, but since the use of such an inahler mid-match isn't actually permitted, the victory was later changed to a no-contest.

According to a quote from Hardy, his entire team was under the impression that they had been given permission by the relevant governing bodies to use the inhaler mid-match. The only question is... which individual approved this?

Hardy, for all his faults, sounds like a victim of bad advice more than anything else. He can clearly be seen asking whether or not using the inhaler was okay, and he was subsequently given the go-ahead.

Hardy would've had to have the inhaler approved by the Massachusetts State Athletic Commission. He clearly had no such approval.

At least Hardy's still feeling decent about himself in the aftermath of this fiasco.

It sounds like somebody on Hardy's team is guilty of letting the fighter down. Besting your opponent only to have a win wiped away is surely a terrible feeling.