Former Cavs Richard Jefferson and Channing Frye Tag Team Troll Knicks With Disrespectful Story

The New York Knicks have been the laughingstock of the NBA for some time now. It's safe to say they've had more than their fair share of embarrassing moments.

LeBron James trying to perform the bottle flip challenge while watching his team dominate the Knicks is up there with the worst of them, and this revelation from two of the Cleveland Cavaliers on the team during this moment make it even more embarrassing.

Not only did the Cavs run the Knicks off the floor in this matchup, they did it while hungover. And it appears that Richard Jefferson wasn't the only Cavalier who was partying the night before.

There's really nothing any of those Knicks players can say. If you get beaten soundly by a team full of hungover players, you deserve all the criticism and trolling coming your way.

The tides may turn for the Knicks this offseason if they're able to lure any of the top-tier free agents to the Big Apple. But for now, they're just a team that gets dominated by hungover opponents.