Florida State Renaming Stadium Could Reportedly Have Serious Financial Consequences

D.J. Matthews, Aaron Pope
While former players have petitioned for Florida State University to rename its football stadium, doing so might hurt the school financially. | Don Juan Moore/Getty Images

Multiple Florida State University donors have threatened to pull their funding from the school if the administration chooses to rename Doak Campbell Stadium, according to The Nole Gameday reporter Logan Robinson.

Petitions to change the name of the football stadium have followed similar efforts by Clemson and South Carolina alumni like Deshaun Watson, DeAndre Hopkins, and Alshon Jeffrey, who have sought to remove Confederate and segregationist names from buildings at their respective schools.

According to ESPN, former Seminoles linebacker Kendrick Scott called for the school to rename the stadium on Saturday, as Doak Campbell held pro-segregation views during his time as the school's president. With systemic racism in the national spotlight, similar efforts have been prevalent across the country.

While removing Campbell's name from the stadium and denouncing his views is likely the right choice for the school's image, the threats of these wealthy donors may force the administration's hand. If the school feels that it cannot withstand the loss of donor revenue in addition to likely coronavirus-related losses, it may choose not to rename the stadium.

However, taking a stance against racism could earn Florida State positive press, and net the school some donors who respect the move in the long run. While a decision does not appear imminent, the school will likely weigh both factors, and could decide to choose hefty donations over an image boost.