FSU Football Posted a Gibberish Tweet About Getting Ready for 2019 Season and Got Utterly Roasted

If you've ever dreamed of running the social media page for a college football team, you may be in luck! There could be a new opening after the Florida State football page tweeted out one of the most confusing pictures possible in anticipation of the upcoming season.

Here's the puzzle that FSU left us to decipher.

How many? 154? That's wrong. Four is also wrong. 15? Five fingers on the hand?

Someone in FSU's social media department has some serious explaining to do. FSU has precisely 33 days until the start of the season. So what in god's name do they have a 15 or a 4 in the tweet for?

Weirdly enough, the FSU Twitter page is commonly caught up in some sort of backlash thanks to some cringy or illogical tweets.

As a result of this particular nonsense tweet, FSU has been getting absolutely roasted across Twitter.

What...are...you doing?

Someone tell the social media manager one number for the "days" column and make them stick to it.

154 days until the real season: the offseason!

Did Willie Taggart write this?

The craziest thing about the tweet is that it's still up on the FSU Twitter page. That's right, they're taking an awfully long time to take it down, even though they have to realize by now it makes literally no sense whatsoever.

FSU Football: Mistake-Free for the Last 15 (or Four) Days.