Falcons Have Perfect Response on Twitter to Question About Historical Sports Moments

The Atlanta Falcons know exactly what they'd like to undo, thanks.
The Atlanta Falcons know exactly what they'd like to undo, thanks.

Professional sports are still on pause, but appear to be inching closer to returning at some point this summer. Until then, sports media outlets are creating content to fill the massive void in the lives of fans.

On Wednesday afternoon, SB Nation asked Twitter users what moment in sports history that they would've liked to have gone differently. The sports media outlet not only got plenty of responses from fans, but also the Atlanta Falcons, who probably didn't have to think too long before coming up with a good one.

An eye-rolling emoji that speaks more than words ever could.

Some teams end up on the wrong side of history, and perhaps no one stands as an angrier footnote than the 2016 Atlanta Falcons. Quarterback Matt Ryan won the NFL MVP that season while leading his team to Super Bowl LI. All they had to do was defeat the New England Patriots to win their first-ever Lombardi Trophy.

For the better part of three quarters, Atlanta looked to have had the win secured. They had a 28-3 lead, and there was no way they could blow it. But they did.

Instead of killing the clock by running the ball with Devonta Freeman (who was killing the Patriots defense), then-offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan shockingly called passing plays that left plenty of time on the clock (and plenty of loose fumbles in the air), allowing one Tom Brady to bring the Patriots back into the game. Atlanta's defense couldn't stop any play head coach Bill Belichick called, and forced the Super Bowl into overtime with both squads tied at 28 points apiece.

New England won the coin toss and marched all the way down the field, allowing running back James White to punch it into the end zone to win the game, without Atlanta ever touching the ball in the extra period.

It's been three years since Atlanta's collapse, and fans are still mocking them. All the Falcons had to do was just run the damn ball in the second half, and they wouldn't have to wish for that game to go differently, mid-pandemic. Alas!