​What. A. Game. 

After a dominating performance by the Atlanta Falcons to start the game, Tom Brady showed the world why he is the greatest to ever do it, leading the Pats from 25 points down to force overtime on a last-second TD and two-point conversion. 

In the do-or-die sudden death scenario, the Patriots survived with a perfect game-winning drive, capped off by James White's third touchdown of the game-this one a plunge from the goal line. And just like that, Super Bowl LI will go down in history as not only the first Super Bowl to ever go into overtime, but one of the greatest games the league has ever seen, as the Patriots won 34-28.

The Falcons had it. They had the Super Bowl in their hands. Everything was going their way. They led 28-3 at one point, and led by 7 with a few minutes left, and Julio Jones made this catch to put them in field goal range. 

Then they got sacked, had a hold penalty go against them and had to punt to the Pats. 

That's when the Pats staged an incredible comeback, which included this catch by Julian Edelman. 

​​Edelman pulled a David Tyree right there. I guess that's some kind of poetic justice. The Pats continued their roll down the field, and tied it on James White's run up the middle. Danny Amendola had the two-point conversion and suddenly the Pats had momentum heading to OT. 

They won the coin toss, got the ball and didn't give it back. 

That's the most yards in Super Bowl history. 

All-in-all, this game just proved the magic of the Super Bowl, and that Tom Brady and the Patriots can NEVER be counted out. 

Sorry Matt Ryan, you're not going to Disneyworld. 

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