Falcons Detail Entire 2020 Schedule as Vines in Hilarious Thread

The Falcons detailed their entire 2020 schedule with the use of Vines.
The Falcons detailed their entire 2020 schedule with the use of Vines.

The NFL gave football fans the gift of hope last week by announcing the entire 2020 regular season schedule. What made the usually mundane announcement better was that the social media departments of all 32 teams went above and beyond to make their reveals entertaining.

One of the biggest winners were the Atlanta Falcons. Initially, they announced their schedule with the use of various movie and social media clips. One week later, the Falcons social media team one-upped themselves by detailing their matchups through the use of Vine clips!

And trust us when we say, they're fantastic.

Calling the Seattle Seahawks chickens? Those are fighting words!

Hopefully new running back Todd Gurley isn't slipping and sliding like that when facing the Minnesota Vikings' dominant front seven.

The Falcons can only hope that the rival Carolina Panthers fall down the NFC South standings like that cat.

That's how the Falcons view the New Orleans Saints. Garbage. Trash. Receptacles. Absolutely brutal.

We're not going to sugarcoat it, that Week 16 matchup against the Kansas City Chiefs is going to be miserable for the Falcons.

The managers and interns in Atlanta's social media department all deserve a raise. Football fans need a laugh during these trying times, and the Falcons' official Twitter account happily obliged.