Evansville Head Coach Walter McCarty Placed on Leave for Alleged 'Unwelcome Conduct'

Walter McCarty
Evansville head coach Walter McCarty has been placed on leave. | Andy Lyons/Getty Images

Evansville head coach Walter McCarty rode the highest of highs following his team's upset win over top-ranked Kentucky, but now things aren't so peachy.

McCarty has been placed on administrative leave by the University of Evansville for "unwelcome conduct." Though the details are still murky, there have been reports that he has continuously violated the school's Title IX policy since he signed on as head coach in March of 2018.

McCarty had earned plenty of credit for guiding Evansville's basketball program back to relevance, but it goes without saying that if the allegations turn out to be true, it would tarnish his brief tenure with the team.

University president Chris Pietruszkiewicz wrote in a letter to staff members that the things McCarty has accomplished with Evansville doesn't "in any way outweigh the need to uphold the standards that define our university."

Whatever the ensuing investigation uncovers any wrongdoings from McCarty, it's clear that Evansville is taking the situation very seriously and that whatever the head coach's actions were, they will not be taken lightly. The university intends to make a decision on McCarty's future after the investigation is complete.