Fly, Eagles, fly... to a new job when an opportunity arises. That's what now-former Eagles front office executive Joe Douglas has done, formally accepting the New York Jets' general manager job Friday night. Though the loss in the Philadelphia organization is tangible, the team remained classy through the whole process, releasing a statement this morning regarding the hire.

Douglas was among the front office staff who assembled a great Eagles roster around Nick Foles in the 2017 playoffs, a Super Bowl season Philly will never forget. Now, as the main man in Gang Green's front office, Douglas will almost assuredly be tasked with the same mission: to return the Lombardi to Philly's neighbors up the road.

General managers are often unheralded members of a franchise, with most of the credit or blame falling on coaches or players who dictate the action more directly. However, it's clear how much of an impact Joe Douglas had on constructing the Eagles' Super Bowl champion squad, and its safe to say he will never be forgotten in the City of Brotherly Love as a result.