Dwyane Wade Has Priceless Instagram Response After Judging NBA Dunk Contest Debacle

Dwyane Wade isn't letting the other two judges off the hook
Dwyane Wade isn't letting the other two judges off the hook /

Aaron Gordon probably should have earned a perfect 50 when he jumped over Tacko Fall in the 2020 Slam Dunk Contest, but he was only rewarded with a 47, which ended up giving the trophy to Miami Heat high-flyer Derrick Jones Jr. in Chicago.

Heat legend Dwyane Wade, one of the five judges for the event and one of three who gave Gordon a 9/10, appears fine with the criticism of his score, but he doesn't get why everyone is singling him out when Scottie Pippen and Chadwick Boseman both gave Gordon a 9/10.

Wade is getting dragged through the mud more than most because his less than perfect score enabled Jones, a player on Wade's old team and a guy Wade played with last season, to take home the crown over Orlando's Gordon.

Magic fans, who don't exactly love the Heat, were quick to attack Wade for playing favorites.

Wade probably wasn't engaging in blatant homer-ism in this instance, but his 9/10 score can easily be called into question. From now until the end of the dunk contest, that 47/50 will be discussed as one of the most controversial of all time.