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VIDEO: Duke's Matthew Hurt Draws Foul on FSU by Elbowing Player Directly in Face in Absurd Call

Matthew Hurt elbows FSU defender in the face
Matthew Hurt elbows FSU defender in the face

I swear, I'm not just picking on Duke. Nonetheless, the jokes really do write themselves. After the Blue Devils were gifted a tremendous no-call in their comeback win over North Carolina just this past Saturday, Duke was at it again. We kid you not -- forward Matthew 'Hurt' elbowed a Florida State defender in the face, and was rewarded with two free throws.

If anything, that could've been a flagrant on Hurt, or just a simple offensive foul. Florida State was down three at the time with less than a minute remaining, so we can't downplay its importance.

Duke is one of the best teams in the country this year, and calls like this shouldn't downplay an impressive home win over a fellow top-10 team. We just can't help ourselves.