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VIDEO: Refs Screw UNC and Miss Obvious Foul on Duke in Closing Seconds of Overtime Thriller

North Carolina clearly fouled in closing seconds vs Duke
North Carolina clearly fouled in closing seconds vs Duke

Stop me if you've heard this before, but Duke was the beneficiary of a critical call in the waning seconds, which they rode to a monumental road victory. Yes, this happens literally every season, even though the Blue Devils often don't ride such decisions to the Final Four. That, in itself, is a small victory for college basketball fans with a soul. On Saturday against UNC, Duke somehow wasn't called for a foul with ten seconds left in overtime despite diving directly into the North Carolina ball-handler.

You know it's bad when Jay Bilas, a former Blue Devil himself, is calling out the officiating. North Carolina had the basketball, only for a Duke defender to spearhead directly into the path of the ball, creating a scramble. It's clearly a foul, and there is no other opinion.

Of course, given how UNC shot free throws in this game (cough 50 percent), there's no guarantee it would've led to a Tar Heels victory. Yet, not giving UNC that opportunity is a robbery. Even Duke fans must realize this, eventually.