Doug Gottlieb Tweeted the Most Trash Andrew Luck Take Possible and Got Destroyed for it

"Bad press is better than no press," eh? In the social media age, that saying has never been more true for gasbags with Twitter accounts.

Andrew Luck's abrupt retirement on Saturday provided these people, including loudmouth pundit Doug Gottlieb, an opportunity to express their bad takes.

Luck's retirement stems from his mental exhaustion caused by previous years of grueling rehab from injuries. He simply lost his joy for the game. Gottlieb managed to insult Luck and take the easy, overused cheap shot at millennials by saying Luck retired because... why, yes, because further rehab is "too hard."


Gottlieb's take is incredibly insulting to the former Colts quarterback who, in a relatively short career, has dealt with (and played through) more tough injuries than most.

Many former and current athletes defended Luck from Gottlieb's objectionable opinion. Former NFL offensive lineman Geoff Schwartz made sure to bring up the time Luck urinated blood after playing with a lacerated kidney.

Panthers receiver Torrey Smith questioned Gottlieb's qualification for providing this criticism.

(Devotees will remember that Gottlieb, a college basketball player, was forced to transfer from Notre Dame after stealing and using a classmate's credit card, resulting in credit card fraud.)

Even Britt McHenry got involved in the melee, which has made some strange bedfellows indeed.

It's possible that Gottlieb's true intentions for his tweet was to go viral and get more attention for show on FS1. By deleting the tweet, Gottlieb would show true regret for the tweet, either for an honest change of mind or to respect Luck.

But the tweet is still there. Gottlieb is a former college athlete trying to make a living as a media member. His asinine tweet has given his show free press.


It's sad that Gottlieb has to do stoop this low for attention rather than provide compelling opinions on a well-run radio show. Oh, well.