Andrew Luck Injury History

INDIANAPOLIS, IN - SEPTEMBER 17: Injured quarterback Andrew Luck of the Indianapolis Colts looks on in the fourth quarter of a game against the Arizona Cardinals at Lucas Oil Stadium on September 17, 2017 in Indianapolis, Indiana. The Cardinals won 16-13 in overtime. (Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images)
Arizona Cardinals v Indianapolis Colts | Joe Robbins/Getty Images

Andrew Luck surprised us all with his retirement announcement on Saturday night, holding a press conference after the Colts preseason game against the Chicago Bears.

One of the primary reasons cited by Luck for his decision was the physical toll he's taken over the past several seasons. Heck, since entering the NFL in 2011, Luck has been one of the most oft-injured players in the league.

Holy hell, that'll do it.

Luck's most recent ankle ailment appeared to be the final straw, as the Colts signal-caller just couldn't continue to fight through injuries year in and year out. Considering Luck's injury status was a daily discussion at Colts camp, this list only begins to tell the entire story. Who knows what Luck was dealing with that Indianapolis neglected to disclose over the course of his short career?

Football isn't everything to Luck, as he's a family man who'd prefer to enjoy his youth rather than waste it in a trainer's room. Now that he's finally gone through with this emotional decision, we hope he gets the fulfillment he's looking for.