Devin Booker Responds to Gilbert Arenas' Criticism on Instagram Over Getting Double-Teamed in Pickup

A clip of Devin Booker criticizing double-teams in pickup basketball sparked a debate on Twitter (mostly about if Booker was being a baby), and Gilbert Arenas was happy to chime in.

The three-time NBA All-Star believes that the Suns guard should welcome any and all defenders as a compliment to his offensive game, which led to Booker responding in the Instagram comments.

Book was able to respectfully defend himself, but that doesn't make him correct. At the end of the day, basketball is a competition at its core, and if the defense wants to double a dangerous offensive force in the corner, so be it -- they want to win the game too.

Kevin Durant nudged his way into the conversation, taking Booker's side and putting emphasis on the defenders' abilities. But because Booker was the one complaining, and even said himself that he gets doubled "all year," he should get as many reps of working through a double-team as possible.

It isn't all serious though, as Booker was able to poke some fun at himself while shouting out his father's birthday on Twitter.

Booker is clearly one of the league's best offensive talents, and sometimes passing out of double-teams during a pickup run is a part of that distinction.