Kevin Durant is Back on Twitter Going After Random Trolls and We Can't Believe How Much We Missed it

It appears that the whole burner account saga hasn't stooped Kevin Durant from punching down and arguing with a bunch of assorted dudes on Twitter.

In response to those criticizing Phoenix Suns star Devin Booker for coming out against being double-teamed in pickup games, Durant came out firmly in Booker's corner, swatting down those who claim that doubling is merely part of the game and par for the course in pickup.

Oh Kevin, what are you doing? This is literally one of the two things people criticize you for, don't give the haters more fuel.

Someone tried to bait the Brooklyn Nets superstar into responding to a photo of him and LeBron James doubling Steph Curry in the All-Star game, the most high-profile pickup game in the land, and KD was caught hook, line and sinker.

Durant doesn't seem like he'll put down his Twitter fingers anytime soon, as he simply thinks he's "exchanging information."

Is that what he's calling it now?

Look, KD. You're a Hall of Famer and a superstar. Quit responding to 16-year-olds on Twitter -- worry about healing up your Achilles and getting healthy as soon as possible. This is beneath you.