Dejounte Murray Has Funny Exchange With LeBron James on Instagram About Never Losing to Him


San Antonio Spurs guard Dejounte Murray took to Instagram and posted a picture of him and LeBron James on the basketball court together. In his caption, Murray talked about how LeBron is like a big brother to him and that he can call on him whenever.

That's nice, but Murray didn't leave it there.

Murray then went on to say that he's never lost to The King and that he expects to add on to that total real soon.

LeBron responded by saying that he's there whenever he needs him, and then he went back at him on the second part of Murray's comment, saying "Oh yeah that’s how how you feel? Lol."

It's true that the Spurs are undefeated against LeBron-led teams when Murray is on the court, but let's not be crazy and think it's all because of Murray. A 1-on-1 game between Murray and LeBron would be a blowout. Plus, LeBron will be with a much better team next year, so the Spurs will have to deal with that.

Nov. 3 is when these two meet and it's right around the corner. We'll see who's laughing then.