DeAndre Hopkins Openly Talking About Being Highest-Paid WR in NFL Could Prove Bill O'Brien Right

Former Houston Texans WR DeAndre Hopkins
Former Houston Texans WR DeAndre Hopkins / Wesley Hitt/Getty Images

Houston Texans head coach Bill O'Brien has been heavily scorned for trading star wide receiver DeAndre Hopkins to the Arizona Cardinals for pennies on the dollar, and rightfully so.

Dealing an all-world talent like Hopkins who boasted an elite rapport with franchise quarterback Deshaun Watson is fundamentally nonsensical. Doing so while at the same time agreeing to take on the bloated contract of running back David Johnson, and you have one of the worst trades in recent memory.

However, O'Brien could be proved right in due time if the Cards go ahead and make Hopkins the highest-paid WR in the NFL.

In a conference call with Texans team writers on Friday, Hopkins said, "I would never tell myself I am second-best. I feel I have the stats to back that up. That’s my mindset, and it always will be my mindset."

That sure sounds like a player who is seeking to become the richest player, at least in terms of annual average salary, at his respective position. While we don't fault Hopkins for flaunting confidence in his game, committing such money to receivers doesn't always pay dividends for NFL teams.

Despite having three years left on his current deal, Pro Football Talk understands that the 27-year-old stud is reportedly seeking a new contract that would pay him $18 million per year. Though Hopkins might deserve more than he's currently pocketing ($12.5 million in 2020), this has the makings of an impending headache that Arizona could seriously do without.

We're not justifying O'Brien's puzzling move just yet. As of right now, he was absolutely hosed by the Cardinals. However, it's not crazy to think that Houston could benefit down the road if Hopkins' contract demands prove to be as significant of a burden as his comments suggest.