David Ortiz Shares First Public Photos of Himself Since Tragic Shooting in Dominican Republic

Though we've all been (rightfully) worried about the condition of Red Sox icon David Ortiz since we first heard about the tragic ambush that nearly took his life, it appears he's taken some major steps since being discharged.

Ortiz shared images this weekend of his trip to drop his daughter Alexandria off at college, and he looked to be nearly back to his old Papi self.

Even Papi's old compatriots like Boston sideline analyst Heidi Watney and Hall of Famer Pedro Martinez checked in in the comments, making sure to show him proper love for making significant progress in his herculean recovery effort.

The initial attack occurred on June 9, and three surgeries later, Ortiz was discharged from the hospital on July, though he was still quite secretive in the weeks that followed.

This is a moment Ortiz clearly wanted to share with his curious and hopeful fan base. Let's hope he continues to transcend his recovery efforts, and we'll keep an eye out for a scheduled public appearance of some sort.