Dana White Officially Reveals Details of 'Fight Island' and it's Very Real

Dana White's UFC Fight Island is very real.
Dana White's UFC Fight Island is very real. /

Since the start of the coronavirus pandemic, UFC President Dana White has teased the idea of taking his fighters to an island where everyone involved can be quarantined together in order to safely fight.

Sounds crazy? Yup! Is crazy? Yup! Is...somehow actually happening?! Also, yes.

"Fight Island" is now apparently a reality, as White has revealed the plans for the UFC to travel to Yas Island in Abu Dhabi in July.

The teaser clip reveals there will be four different events on the tiny island in the United Arab Emirates. White went on to reveal that no one will leave the island in order to maintain a safe environment.

This is great news for UFC fans, and it will be fascinating to see how these events play out. The most important thing is everyone being tested for COVID-19 and cleared before being around others. Those involved in the UAE are likely making that demand as well.

"Fight Island" is now a reality, and White has found a creative way to bring more eyes to the UFC during a time when some major sports remain shut down.