4 Takes That Prove Dan Orlovsky is Becoming ESPN's Version of Colin Cowherd

Dan Orlovsky
NFL analyst Dan Orlovsky is routinely unleashing scorching takes for ESPN | George Gojkovich/Getty Images

Dan Orlovsky is quickly becoming one of ESPN's most prominent NFL voices. The former Detroit Lions quarterback is routinely featured on shows like "Get Up" and "First Take" to present his perspective on trending storylines and to debate topics.

While Orlovsky's true value and intellect can be seen when breaking down film, his validity on the debate desk is suspect at best. The fact that he welcomes the contrarian role more than we'd like to admit suggests that he's quickly becoming the ESPN equivalent to what Colin Cowhered is for FS1.

Here are a few takes that prove our point.

4. His Agenda Against Dak Prescott

You can't be compared to Cowherd without having an evident agenda against a certain professional athlete. For "The Herd" host, that player is Houston Rockets point guard Russell Westbrook, who he berates for literally zero reason throughout the NBA season even when he's playing well. For Orlovsky, that player is Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott, the de facto rival of Philadelphia Eagles gunslinger Carson Wentz, who Orlovsky adores. No matter how great Prescott performs, the ESPN personality is quick to utter anything that brings him down a peg.

3. His Reactionary Criticism of Tua Tagovailoa After QB's Wonderlic Score Leaked

Perhaps no pundit in the world of sports lets recency bias get the best of him more than Cowherd. Despite the terrible optic that comes with being reactionary, the FS1 loudmouth is just that on a daily basis. Orlovsky's boneheaded take about how Tua Tagovailoa's Wonderlic score could impact his NFL Draft stock is eerily similar to Cowherd's maddening tendencies. To think that the ESPN analyst potentially viewed the grade as a result of laziness is valid evidence that he's becoming the next Cowherd.

2. His Unwavering Affinity for Carson Wentz

Much like Cowherd welcomes any opportunity to compare other gunslingers around the NFL to Russell Wilson, Orlovsky regularly spews irrelevant facts to help put Wentz on a pedestal for reasons unknown. Soon enough, Orlovsky will begin instructing struggling athletes to approach life the way that Wentz does because he's convinced that everything he touches is gold.

1. When He Compared Jake Fromm to Patrick Mahomes

NFL analysts attempting to liken college stars to certain pros with whom they share certain qualities and intangibles often comes with controversy. However, the leap that Orlovsky took when he compared former Georgia quarterback Jake Fromm's performance against USC back in October to stuff he's seen from Patrick Mahomes is downright laughable. For those wondering, Fromm's stock fell so significantly that he wasn't selected until the fifth round of the 2020 NFL Draft. Cowherd loves a hot take, and this one from Orlovsky is beyond flaming.