Damarious Randall Refusing Comment on Whether Browns Still Believe in Freddie Kitchens Says it All

Cleveland Browns v Arizona Cardinals
Cleveland Browns v Arizona Cardinals / Ralph Freso/Getty Images

The Cleveland Browns are in a constant state of trouble, and head coach Freddie Kitchens might not have a job come the end of the season, seeing as the seeds of dysfunction he's sown have grown.

These recent comments, or lack thereof, from Browns' corner Damarious Randall certainly give great insight into whether or not the locker room still believes in Kitchens.

Kitchens himself didn't seem to care about his status on Sunday, either, so there's that, too.

By refusing to comment on this, Randall has pretty much given his head coach's job a death sentence. Kitchens looks likely to go once Black Monday comes around, especially considering how badly beaten the Browns were yesterday by a 4-9-1 Arizona Cardinals team.

After rumors about Odell Beckham Jr. asking teams to "come and get" him swirled, multiple players on the Browns' sideline during their blowout loss were shouting the exact same thing to the Cardinals' sideline.

A dysfunctional locker room and a clueless coach without experience, combined with initial Super Bowl aspirations and a franchise that has not made the playoffs since 2002, was never a good recipe for success.

While things do look very bleak for the Browns, not all hope is lost. They would need a miracle and a half, but there is still a chance that they make it into the postseason.

If this somehow were to occur, there might be serious consideration about whether or not Kitchens keeps his job. But based on how it looks for Cleveland, they're going to be sitting on the couch come January, and Kitchens will be on the street. His own players don't seem to be willing and able to prevent that fate.