VIDEO: Someone Made a 'Full House' Intro Spoof of the Browns Being Terrible and it's Gold

Browns QB Baker Mayfield
Browns QB Baker Mayfield

The Cleveland Browns are a downright incompetent football team and everybody who hopped aboard their preseason hype train should be handed some sort of punishment. After a pitiful showing against the 4-9-1 Arizona Cardinals on Sunday, Freddie Kitchens' side fell to 6-8 on the year, nowhere near sniffing a playoff berth in the AFC. It's genuinely difficult to point out just how much is wrong with the franchise, but Twitter, in all its glory, managed to do just that in a brilliant compilation video of their bloopers from this season. It's with great pleasure that we present to you the 2019 Cleveland Browns, "Full House" intro edition.

This is everything we could have ever dreamed of and the Martin Scorsese-esque wizard behind this should be promptly awarded an Oscar.

We're not so sure what was more disrespectful: including Myles Garrett despicably clubbing Mason Rudolph with his helmet or the fact that Austin Seibert was merely labeled "The Kicker."

We too are laughing uncontrollably.

Some Browns buffs weren't too pleased with Nick Chubb's inclusion given the impressive season he's put together, but honestly that fumble against the Patriots in Week 8 was one of the worst we've seen all season.

The fact of the matter is that nobody should be free of criticism in this dumpster fire of a campaign. And to put a cherry on top of this delicious cake, Cleveland is rumored to be bringing back Kitchens in 2020.

What a time to be alive.