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The Astros Should Be Embarrassed That Dallas Keuchel Was the First Player to Apologize for Cheating Scandal

Dallas Keuchel
Astros players should be ashamed of themselves for not apologizing before Keuchel. | Jamie Squire/Getty Images

When the Houston Astros sent out their players to speak to the media following the results of the league's investigation into their cheating scandal, not a single one of them showed any real, direct remorse, nor any preparation to deal with the magnitude of their transgressions.

In fact, the only player from the Astros to directly address the scandal and apologize for it is Dallas Keuchel, a guy who doesn't even play for the team anymore.

It's absolutely pathetic.

Keuchel hasn't been a member of the Astros organization since 2018, yet somehow the Chicago White Sox star was the first one to show regret for throwing the game's integrity to the wind.

The fact that Keuchel of all players bit the bullet and apologized first reflects poorly on his former squad in so many ways. It speaks to the hideous ego that they've developed from their ill-gotten gains. The Astros are so detached from reality that they aren't even willing to admit to their mistakes, and they should be ashamed of themselves.

It takes a lot of courage and a lot of humility to own up to a cheating scandal as massive as the one the Astros masterminded. Keuchel showed both of those characteristics in his apology to the baseball world.

The rest of his former teammates should follow suit.