Cubs' Ian Happ Claps Back at Fan on Twitter Who Told Him to 'Learn the Strike Zone'

In today's era of social media, trash talking professional players may not be the smartest thing to do. Well, one chirping Chicago Cubs fan found that out the hard way on Tuesday.

Twitter user Ted Phillips decided to talk some smack to Cubs' outfielder Ian Happ, who silenced the hating fan with a savage response.

The Cubs' outfielder took this one personally and responded with conviction. A simple look at Phillips' Twitter profile gave Happ all the ammunition he needed to destroy him.

This poor user might have been the worst person to bad-mouth a professional baseball player. As it turns out, the hater is a little league umpire. That will never set well when telling a professional who earns $600K per year hitting baseballs to "learn the strike zone."

Happ had already ended this man's Twitter career, but the final "maybe stick to accounting Ted" was the nail in Phillips' coffin.

Naturally, Cubs fan accounts got wind of the exchange between Happ and the accountant, and saluted their slugger with posts of support.

Simple words of advice: don't trash talk a professional sports player unless you wish to get punished severely for doing so.