Jason Garrett Reportedly Speaking With Cowboys Players as if He's Not Getting Fired at All

Dak Prescott, Jason Garrett
Garrett's job may be safe after all. | Patrick Smith/Getty Images

Does anyone know what is going on with the Dallas Cowboys? While other teams in need of a head coach are conducting interviews and announcing hires, the Cowboys are in a total state of limbo. Jerry Jones somehow still has not signaled any official action regarding head coach Jason Garrett, but the latest buzz suggests that the coach is currently acting like he isn't going anywhere. after all.

This is getting agonizing. There more we know, the less we know in Big D.

Not completing exit interviews nearly a week after the conclusion of the season is a bit odd if Garrett is not supposed to be returning. Unless Jones is engaged in some manner of next-level mind game -- not likely, based on available evidence -- it's hard to explain how the current situation is able to exist at all.

One explanation for Garrett remaining cool and calm is that it is just his personality. Even if he is going to be let go, he isn't causing a scene or creating drama.

The other explanation, of course, is that he is indeed coming back, which is enough to cause some Cowboys fans to lose their minds.

Garrett's latest reported actions are not a good sign for those who want him gone, gone, gone. Jerry Jones remains the only one that can bring change. With each passing day of inaction, it becomes more and more possible that Garrett, despite his contract being up, really is coming back for 2020.