Did we really need more proof?

Toronto Raptors superfan Drake, or so he deems himself, celebrated in style after the Raps won Game 6 to advance to the NBA Finals, where they'll take on the Golden State Warriors.

Still, the grammy-award winning artist has a habit of rooting for just about any front-running squad he can find. Therefore, we shouldn't be surprised Drake has been spotted on multiple occasions in Warriors garb. In fact, he literally has Steph Curry and Kevin Durant permanently inked onto his skin. We kid you not.

Sure, Drake makes some money as the Raptors brand ambassador, but he does have a habit of associating with just about every successful athlete in the United States and beyond. Tattoos, however, seem like a stretch.

Why choose sides when you can consistently root for the winner? Toronto holds a special place in Drake's heart, but when they're ultimately defeated in 4-6 games, we'll be making our own 'Take Care' album to get over his ultimate betrayal.

What a phony.