VIDEO: Colin Kaepernick's Explanation for His Protest in 2016 is Still Relevant Today

Colin Kaepernick's reason for protesting in 2016 is relevant nearly four years later.
Colin Kaepernick's reason for protesting in 2016 is relevant nearly four years later. /

The topic of NFL players taking a knee resurfaced on Wednesday after New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees said that any player who performs such an action during the national anthem this upcoming season is "disrespecting the flag." Many of Brees' colleagues called his comments distasteful and a failure to understand the purpose of such demonstrations, especially following the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis. Former San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick explained why he knelt during the national anthem back in 2016, and it's still relevant to this day.

This nearly five-minute clip can serve as a lesson to those who still think that peacefully demonstrating during the national anthem is inherently disrespectful and wrong.

During his media scrum, Kaepernick said he meant no disrespect to those who served or actively serve in the United States' armed forces. Rather, he did it to raise awareness of the systemic racism that poisons the country, and to hold members of law enforcement accountable for acts of violence that disproportionately target African-Americans. In fact, he got the suggestion to kneel from former US Army Green Beret Nate Boyer, who said it was the most respectful way to demonstrate.

Unfortunately, more than a few still couldn't grasp that concept.

Everyone should watch this video to get a better understanding as to why there are millions of people peacefully protesting today. They're doing it so all humans are treated equally in our communities today, tomorrow, and forever.