Clint Frazier Feeds Into Trade Rumors With Random Excited Gibberish Tweet

As the social media age has advanced to the point we get most of our sports news and opinions via twitter, athletes have learned how to take advantage--for better or worse.

Clint Frazier has long been the subject of trade rumors, as the New York Yankees prospect has an electric bat but leaves plenty to be desired in the field.

Frazier is either playing with us or just pocket-tweeted, if that's even a thing.

The Yankees need pitching badly as they chase their 28th World Series, and were exposed this past weekend in Boston. As is so often the case, Brian Cashman is forced to respond, especially since the Yankees missed out on so many starting pitchers in free agency this past offseason. Heck, on Sunday they watched as potential trade target Marcus Stroman was dealt to the crosstown Mets.

Something has to give, and maybe Frazier knows a little more than we do.

Frazier's bat is undeniable, and he has solid 20-to-30 home run power if he's dealt to the right team.

It remains to be seen if that move is imminent, although Frazier's tweet would suggest otherwise.