Clay Travis is a Certified Buffoon for Now Crying About Players and Outlets Not 'Sticking to Sports'

Los Angeles Lakers v Golden State Warriors
Los Angeles Lakers v Golden State Warriors

Clay Travis is having a ball by going at the NBA for how everyone is handling the situation with Daryl Morey's tweet about China. He's called out Lakers superstar LeBron James, Warriors head coach Steve Kerr, and ESPN host Rachel Nichols for their inaction in terms of speaking on the issue, given their history of being heard on countless others.

Ironically enough, after calling out all of these people in the past for not sticking to sports, he's now calling them out now for apparently for actually sticking to sports (or whatever the actual case is).

Travis took to Twitter to promote his piece and directly call out LeBron for his willingness to speak on racial inequality in America but not the threat to democracy in China.

While it's hypocritical for the NBA to continue business as usual and allow China to step all over them, how fair is it to put James and Kerr on the spot here? They have nothing to do with the league's business dealings in China and just because they've yet to speak out doesn't mean they don't have an opinion. Morey just happened to send out a tweet and create a firestorm. That doesn't mean James and Kerr need to immediately respond.

LeBron knows what it's like to be a black man in America and the prejudices that come along with it. Kerr stays informed about US politics and is concerned with issues within his scope of knowledge. While silence is indeed complicity, misinforming others by speaking too soon is even worse.

With league events being cancelled around China and the Lakers-Nets preseason game likely to follow, the league's relationship with China could be broken and it might be for the better. There's no doubt about that.

But Travis whining incessantly and being a hypocrite by calling everyone else a hypocrite is exactly what's wrong with everything. If James and Kerr are indeed silencing themselves to preserve NBA business dealings, then that's a different story. But we have no evidence of that. Instead, Travis is creating a narrative by yelling into his Macbook and sitting behind his $4 construction paper background to complain about something he's argued for in the past -- players and coaches ACTUALLY sticking to sports.

"Nooo, don't stick to sports when I don't want you to. That's how this works!!"

Gotta love America.