Christian Yelich Has Right Mindset on Teammates Potentially Opting Out of Season

Christian Yelich
Milwaukee Brewers star Christian Yelich had a fair take on teammates potentially opting out. | Stacy Revere/Getty Images

Several MLB players have already opted out of playing during the 2020 season and it is possible more will do so given positive tests around the league.

Anyone opting out will either draw a reaction of support from teammates, or one of disappointment and a feeling they let the team down. Milwaukee Brewers star Christian Yelich offered up his own take on the situation that shows he has the right mindset about it all.

Yelich made it clear he has not thought about opting out, which could lead to a feeling of looking down upon those who do. However, he comes off as a great teammate and overall human being for understanding that his personal viewpoint on the situation doesn't apply to everyone else.

A league superstar has not yet opted out. That happening would shake up the season and would show just how worried some players are about the virus. For now, Yelich is standing in support of those who don't feel safe playing and it shows his leadership and why he was worthy of becoming the face of the Brewers franchise.